Photographer and Entrepreneur Jaylon Smith releases The Land of Milk and Honey, for SCAD alumni Challenge. The objective being to develop a photograph based on SCAD Fash’s “Albert Watson: The Light Behind the Lens’ exhibition.

Jaylon states, “I was immensely inspired by Albert Watson’s portraits of Duckie Thot and Naomi Campbell. By positively photographing women of color, I intended to deprecate the fashion industry’s systems and standards of beauty.”

Work like Jaylon’s is necessary for the continued advancement of representation in the media and fashion, The Land of Milk and Honey is unique in that work has an intersectional message, ” Oftentimes, immigrants refer to America as The Land of Milk and Honey,” Jaylon explains, ” It’s a place for new opportunities and a better environment for their family. The model for the photoshoot, Aluel Malaak Deng, and Duckie Thot are South Sudanese. “

He continues “South Sudan is understood to have one of the most disastrous health indicators in the world. Between political conflict, economic sufferings, and a shortage of clean water, the world’s youngest country is deemed unsafe to live in. “

As fashion is a global symbol of expression, there is an opportunity to raise awareness through medium like photography, The Land Of Milk and Honey does this through this important series.

Couture fashion by Amari Moneé (B.F.A. Fashion Design, 2023)

Submitted by @Jaylonsmith Photos were shot on formal film camera/ digital compositing.

Photographer/Art Director: Jaylon Smith (B.F.A. Commercial Photography, 2019) Fashion Designer: Amari Moneé (B.F.A. Fashion Design, 2023) Model: Aluel Malaak Deng (Mother Agency: Good Genes Models) Stylist/Creative Director: Rachel Brown Set Designer: Rachel Lauren Make-up artist: Glo by Lo Cosmetologist: Danielle Reed Administrative Assistant: Vanessa Fox Photo Assistant: Siyandi Matthias (B.F.A. Interior Design, 2019) Production Assistant: Ameena Abdul-Hakeem (B.F.A. Fashion Design, 2019) Production Assistant: Raphaël Bahindwa (B.F.A. Painting, 2021) BTS Videographer: Nathon Ruehl (B.F.A. Commercial Photography, 2021) BTS Photographer: Jaren Stephens Location: Campbell Washington Photo Studio (M.F.A. Photography, 2019)